"Patti has been a life saver and a life changer. She started with my home office and literally transformed the space. After she was done, I was amazed at how inspiring the room was for my clients and how it reflected the essence of my vocation -- I couldn't wait to work in there!  Most importantly, I felt the external change actually shifted my internal drive -- I experienced a new sense of inspiration, motivation, and confidence to expand my business as I had been wanting to for years. If she could do that for my office space, I thought she could do wonders for my living space, so I had her back to bring her magic to my living/dining area and my three main closets.  I had friends & family over immediately after, and they were in awe at how much my place had been transformed into a space that was serene and spacious.   I highly recommend Patti not only for what she did, but how she did it.  When someone is working in your space, it can feel overwhelming, exhausting, and embarrassing.  Patti has an incredible personal flair that's both practical and magical -- her patience, creativity, and professionalism helped me ride the waves of my own distress and actually come through the process feeling rejuvenated!"     -- Connie, Marin County, CA

"Patti has a unique ability in this arena, and she thoroughly enjoys bringing a space to its calmer and more orderly manifestation.   She is utterly a natural at organizing.  She was easy to work with, and was very sensitive to my propensity to do more (or do less) in a given moment.   I was amazed at how much we were able to accomplish, but without any feeling of pressure or stress.   I would recommend Patti without reservation to anyone looking to re-order their space, whether to control clutter, achieve a sense of calm in one’s surroundings, or make sense of one’s belongings in the face of a move or a life change."   -- Yvette, Nassau County, NY

"Something had to change.  I needed the clutter gone and a way to gain control of my space.  I am able to run my own business but could not get the mess at home under control. I was worried that an organizer would make me feels stupid or out of control. I had the completely opposite experience with Meikai.  From the start the process was a breeze - easy to talk to on the phone and discuss my needs and then easy to schedule into my availability. Patti was fantastic.  Calm, engaging, and empowering she helped me change my environment and life.  It was six months ago that  she helped me organize my office, mudroom and walk-in closet.  She listened to my organization issues and needs and helped me find solutions and implement them.  I did not have to purchase any new systems / supplies - we used the materials I already had. I could not believe it - my spaces look like they are from out of the pages of a magazine. The solutions we implemented are still working so well that I have tackled other parts of my home - kitchen, children's playroom - with similarly amazing results. I found her pricing very reasonable given the quality of her work and the results.  I can not more highly recommend Meikai - you owe it to yourself."

 -- Maria, Monmouth County, NJ

Patti did a masterful job in helping me to organize my home-office. When I moved my office upstairs, I could not visualize how it could go from spare-bedroom to office.  Patti’s philosophy of “giving everything a home” is key. She helped me to organize everything from files, office supplies, reference materials to books. Additionally, she was very efficient and non-judgmental about my “stuff!”  I also appreciated that when I would get side-tracked she kindly said, “Are you ready to get back to these files or this closet?” A gentle but direct way of keeping me on task and making good use of our time together.  I was grateful that she had a box for items to throw away or donate. I especially liked her “Box for Teachers.” It never occurred to me that I have items that teachers can use in their classrooms and don’t have to buy with their own money.  Since our organizing sessions, I feel so much more relaxed. I work more effectively because I know where everything I need is, and I am not distracted by piles and clutter.  Next project, the basement!  -- Tracy, Portland, OR 

​"It feels so good to work in my office now.  I can put my finger on things easily.  My space has never been so clear, spacious and organized, so I appreciate it every time I walk through the door and see our handiwork.  It's amazing what a different feel everything has now.  As a result, I feel differently about working in this space. I look forward to being in it rather than dreading it because everywhere I looked there were piles of papers and notebooks."  

-- Patricia, Cape Cod, MA

"Working with Patti was a tremendous Joy and provided a tremendous benefit to me and my family.  We have just moved from Portland, Oregon to Bend, Oregon, after having moved from the Minneapolis area to Portland just a few short years ago. This kind of unexpected move came as a surprise.  It  was a little challenging to address the idea of moving again, and it happened right before Christmas.  So here we are Dec 14th, and trying to create Christmas in a home when we were just a few days ago receiving boxes was very challenging.  Here I am today after just a few days with Patti's help, and our whole home is organized, it has labels on all of the shelves, the items have been thought through carefully, everything is unpacked, our kids our are happily doing things in their rooms, and my husband is feeling really comfortable in his job here.  So if you are thinking about giving yourself the gift of having Patti come to you and help you feel more organized and achieve more clarity in your home -- with your items,with your things, with your pets (we happen to have 5 pets and 6 kids), I just highly recommend that you give yourself the gift of Patti."    -- Jane, Bend, OR 

"Patti did a fantastic job reorganizing my kitchen.  I love to cook, but for months I've felt stressed every time I entered my kitchen.  Everything was a mess, there were about 500 plastic and reusable bags in the pantry, dozens of mismatched tupperware, old pots and pans, old party napkins, plates and straws, the list goes on.  Each time I began the process of cooking, I enjoyed it less and less trying to sort through the mess to get to the proper tools.  Patti completely transformed my kitchen.  First, she went through and helped me sort out what I did and didn't need.  (For example, I didn't need all those bags).  Then she took everything out, sorted and restocked the entire kitchen.  Everything is now in its perfect and sensible place.  Cooking the past couple of weeks has been incredible.  I open the  cabinets and easily pull out the right pan or pot, open another cabinet and grab the spices without having to search for 20 minutes for the thyme or basil.  Not only is cooking easier, but the kitchen looks bigger as well.  It is finally enjoyable again to be in the kitchen!  -- Grace, New York, NY

"Over the years, our basement bonus room had become a bit of a dumping ground for everything from old stuffed animals, lego sets and guitars that never get played to a jumble of home and business files piled on a desk that was no longer useable under the all the paper. We never went down there because it really wasn't functional. Patti transformed the place, not only making it usable, but enjoyable to use again. Now we have a place for guests to stay over, and I have a desk again where I actually enjoy sitting down to work on house projects and pay bills - if you can ever enjoy that!  For the price of her services, it's like we just purchased 500 square feet of living and office space, which we hope to utilize for years to come. Not a bad deal!"   -- Skip, Portland, OR

"Patti is an organizing genius.  I’m absolutely thrilled with Patti’s makeover of my bedroom & bedroom closet.

I’m moderately neat and a clothes horse so I had clothes, scarves, hats, gym clothes, socks, handbags all tucked away in drawers, shelves and baskets. It was fairly organized but definitely cluttered and scattered in various places across my closet with items creeping into my bedroom because I didn’t have enough room in the closet for all my possessions.  I anticipated Patti would help me design & purchase a shelving system to be installed in order to fit all my items in an organized fashion.  

What is awesome is that she was able to organize all my clothes so they fit in my closet; no more baskets of sweaters & belts in the open using my existing fixtures, drawers & baskets.  

Right there she made up her fee with the savings that I would have easily spent at the Container Store in a heartbeat.

I had so much more space in my closet, and it looked like a boutique. This is all due to better design and organization because I purge items on a regular basis so there isn’t a lot that needed to be tossed out.  

I love how my bedroom & closet look and feel.  Where I once I had dread when I opened my closet door (which I also closed as quickly as possible) it now feels tranquil and peaceful. Hard to imagine a closet feeling this way, but it is the simple truth.Now it is easy for me to keep my place neat and clean.  Before Patti performed her magic, I was paying for a cleaning service on a regular basis. Once the clutter was gone,  I had the ah-ha moment that it is easy for me to keep my space neat and clean myself, and that it was the clutter that was making everything feel dirty or messy. Again another big savings! Can't wait to have Patti work over my kitchen!  I know there will be some great meals coming out there once I get my cabinets organized!" -- Kathy, San Francisco, CA

"Balancing my professional life with our family of three girls and maintaining an organized and peaceful home environment continues to be a challenge for me. During the 15 years since my husband Michael and I moved into our suburban home in Bergen County, NJ, I have taken on various organizing tasks in the house, each with good intentions and with few successes. I knew I was in professional hands after my first consultation with Patti, and my 20-hour investment with her has turned my kitchen into the only efficient room in the house where I can breathe fully and consciously.  We discussed which systems were working in the kitchen and which were not. We also focused on easy recipes for healthful meals during the middle of our busy work and school weeks. I never felt judged by Patti, even when I showed her my overflowing cabinets, or when I explained how I often resorted to Trader Joe's mac and cheese and hot-dogs during the work-week. Everything has a specific place that makes sense and our eating habits have become healthier: I have counter space to make healthful meals, glass jars of different colored dried beans line the counters waiting to be soaked (I use cans before Patti); fresh veggies and fruits are at the ready. Meal prep has been challenging, especially since my 14 year old Maranda is a mostly a vegetarian and my 7 year old Sasha likes mostly hot-dogs. All three girls enjoyed the bean and escarole soup (a shocker), and Patti's signature Mexican fiesta quinoa, veggie and cheese dish - we talked about replacing rice with the more healthy and protein laden quinoa. The pure fruit smoothies were also a big hit- Sasha, could not believe it contained no sugar. Patti and my girls had a good laugh when we admitted to slipping blended roasted carrots, zucchini and beets into Michael's home-made tomato sauce (the kids kept asking why the sauce was so red). We all enjoyed the novelty of slurping cauliflower soup on a picnic blanket on the wooden floor in the living room while the dining room table became a temporary holding pen during the kitchen makeover. I can now say I am proud of my kitchen as is every member of the family, and we have already used some of Patti's easy recipes. My 13 year old daughter Isabelle keeps asking, in awe, how Patti managed to help organize the kitchen so quickly. My girls now empty the dishwasher in record time. Michael, who was initially reluctant to have someone come into our home to help us, matter-of-factly states that he utilizes the kitchen more efficiently now - no more chaotic searching for the olive oil or the nutmeg. I look forward to having Patti help us create the foundation for a conscious and calming experience in every room of our home." 

-- Alyson, Bergen County, NJ

"Patti not only re-organized my son's playroom and our linen closet in half-day, but re-energized us by giving us a sense of spaciousness and orderliness.  Patti offered us a creative solution and literally opened up more room for us at home with her excellent organizational skills.  It was worth every penny!"  -- Helen, San Francisco, CA




Who has not experienced the tangible emotional shift that
accompanies a thorough housecleaning?
The act of moving through the rooms of one’s home
and cleaning out the dust and clutter
can serve as a powerful - and readily noticed - ritual
for changing consciousness,
​especially if performed in the appropriate spirit
of  inner housecleaning.
​ - Ray Grasse, The Waking Dream

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