meikai|home organizing

Transform your space. Transform your life.

The services I provide are home organizing and moving management, though to me it really is so much more. I aim to help clients achieve an energetic shift in their homes that fosters clarity, serenity, and inspiration. For clients who are in the moving process, I aim to facilitate a smooth purge & pack process and design of new home systems that ensures their next chapter is their best chapter yet.

  • Fun first:  I understand that for some, doing this work can feel overwhelming, and that it can feel very vulnerable to have someone work closely with all your "stuff" in your home. I bring a level of humor and non-judgment that will put you at ease and keep us laughing -- believe it or not, this process really can be fun and rewarding!
  • Team effort:  My work with clients is collaborative in that I aim to truly understand your needs and what kinds of systems will be workable and easy for you to maintain.  Keeping your schedule in mind, I will structure our time together with various check-in points where we will make decisions about system design, items for donation, etc. so you end up with a final product you feel great about.
  • Long-term solutions:  This is a long-term investment. I will work with you to design a system that you -- and your whole family, if you are living in a family unit -- can get behind. By establishing a “place for everything” and sticking to the plan, order can be maintained over the long term.
  • Maximizing existing tools:  Organizing bins and systems can be quite helpful and really help transform things.  However, I aim to tailor this work to my clients' budgets and strive to make the best use of your existing organizing tools first - whether that's old tupperware containers or some cool bins you bought last year at the Container Store.  Then if it would be helpful and you want to invest in new tools, I'll make recommendations for organizing accouterments, and we can have fun shopping and taking your new system to the next level.
  • Tailor-made solutions:  Because every client's situation is different (some have a more challenging starting point!), I provide packages of time during which we achieve as much as possible, tailored to your specific needs.  You might decide one closet is enough. Or you might choose to walk the journey with me room-by-room, until your whole space is transformed over a series of days.   An initial consultation will help determine which approach is right for you.

He is the happiest,
be he king or peasant,
who finds
in his house.

​- Goethe