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Transform your space. Transform your life.

These experiences have impressed upon me how much “stuff” we accumulate that we really don't need and how liberating it can be to let it go, allowing our most
precious and beautiful things to emerge.  ​​

​I started Meikai, LLC because I wanted to share the power of organization and simplification I’ve discovered over the years with those for whom it might not come so easily.  I truly believe that when you take charge of your personal space, life changes. Inspiration appears, money starts to flow, goals are achieved, and life becomes lighter, happier, and much more fun.  So if you’re ready for clarity, inspiration, and a new sense of spaciousness & freedom in your life, let’s talk.

meet Patti pierson

I’ve been organizing for over 30 years, since I started cleaning my friends’ rooms for them in grade school!  (Their mothers loved me.)  I simply can’t walk into a room that’s cluttered without experiencing an overwhelming desire to create order from chaos.  "Organizing” is a gift I was born with.   

After leaving childhood bedrooms behind, I hit it hard academically and professionally, graduating magna cum laude from the University of Notre Dame, earning a masters degree, with merit, from the London School of Economics, and operating under constant deadline pressure managing corporate communications and public affairs for organizations like Microsoft, AOL, and the Gates Foundation. Consistent organization – which empowers me with a sense of spaciousness and clarity – has been key to my academic and professional success. Throughout my career, I knew that when I achieved order in my space, both at home and at the office, I accessed a level of creativity and mental clarity that allowed me to do my very best work. 

​Over the years, I have also come to value the power of simplification.  I first discovered, while traveling the world for over a year with one relatively small backpack, that after narrowing down only the key things I could take on the journey and walking away with one simple bag, I felt liberated and free.  Years later, when relocating to a new home after another long travel stint, I sorted through my worldly possessions in storage and found myself donating 80% of what was there. And at one point, I had thought all of it was important enough to haul into storage in dozens of cardboard boxes!