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Cupboards Before                                       Cupboards After

                              Cupboards After

  Cupboards Before                        

Kitchen After 

SAn Francisco Kitchen Cleanup

NYC Kitchen Cleanup 


This small San Francisco kitchen, where space is at a premium, becomes streamlined and more functional after eliminating

redundancies and designing a new system for housing everything in a specific place within cabinets and drawers.

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meikai|‚Äčhome organizing

Patti completely transformed my kitchen.  Cooking the past couple of weeks has been incredible.  I open the  cabinets and easily pull out the right pan or pot.. It is finally enjoyable again to be in the kitchen! 

-- Grace, New York, NY


Pantry Before                       Pantry After                                           Cupboards Before                           Cupboards After 

Kitchen Before

 In 8 hours, this small NYC kitchen goes from overflowing pantry and cupboards to an efficient kitchen that's functional and a joy to cook in again.